Donor Direct Action links frontline women's rights activists around the world to money, visibility, & popular support - minimum bureaucracy, maximum impact.

"We advocate for peaceful transition, against violence, and we want to have more involvement of women."- Mouna Ghanem, a women's rights and peace activist in Syria

Donor Direct Actionpartners with Syrian Women's Forum for Peace

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“After healing in the safe house I was able to leave and open a day care center. I want to become financially independent.”- Shagoofa, a beneficiary of HAWCA’s shelter, who was forcibly married at age 8

Donor Direct Actionpartners with Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and Children of Afghanistan

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"In Somalia there are still places where they haven’t heard that FGM is not right. It will take time. But one day there will be no FGM."- Hawa Aden, an anti-FGM activist in Somalia

Donor Direct Actionpartners with Galkayo Education Center for Peace and Development

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“If we form more groups of girls, and we all begin to help each other, this awareness will put an end to these horrible things.”- Poonam, a girl who escaped prostitution in India

Donor Direct Actionpartners with Apne Aap

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“I have gone from a submissive girl who works hard to appease everyone to an independent girl who has her own mind and strong convictions.”- ‘A’, a Palestinian student from Jericho

Donor Direct Actionpartners with Women's Center for Legal Aid and Counseling

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"Together we can make a more just world—free from sex trafficking!"- Iluta Lāce, an anti-trafficking activist in Latvia

Donor Direct Actionpartners with Marta Resource Centre for Women

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"Your support saves lives, helping us treat women who come to Panzi Hospital physically destroyed."- Dr. Denis Mukwege, a doctor in DR Congo

Donor Direct Actionpartners with Panzi Foundation

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"When I see the women come to me in search of hope, I say to myself, I must continue to struggle."- Justine Bihamba, a women's rights activist in DR Congo

Donor Direct Actionpartners with Synergie des Femmes pour les Victimes des Violences Sexuelles

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"We do our best to ensure that justice prevails, and that victims of sexual violence and discrimination get the support they need."- Sapana Pradhan Malla, a women's rights activist in Nepal

Donor Direct Actionpartners with Forum for Women, Law and Development

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Salvadoran women join Donor Direct Action

ORMUSA - the Organization of Salvadoran Women - becomes the 14th front-line women's rights activist organization and the first from Latin America to partner with Donor Direct Action.

Seeking international support for their work to fight brutality against women in El Salvador, ORMUSA is eager to have greater access to individual donors who can support their work through online contributions to Donor Direct Action.



Donor Direct Action supports activists working on a range of issues relating to the promotion of equality for women and the global effort to end violence and discrimination against women. The issues below represent some of the many campaigns for the advancement of women in various respects, all of which are inter-related and form part of the overarching campaign for sex equality.


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Front-line donors can be publicly acknowledged (if desired). Fellowships, awards, and grants programs can be established in the names of major donors or of people donors wish recognized.


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Has been raised by Donor Direct Action from 1,116 donors in 41 countries to help women and women's organizations in Afghanistan, DR Congo, Kenya, Latvia, Libya, Nepal, Nigeria, Palestine, Somalia, South Africa, and Syria.

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