Synergie des Femmes pour les Victimes des Violences Sexuelles (SFVS)

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DDA partners with SFVS to support women and girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Dr. Denis Mukwege highlighted in Time magazine article

"Heroes often come from the most unlikely of places. Photographer Platon, known for his unflinching close-up portraits of presidents, dictators and other powerful icons of our era, found his in the surgical suites and recovery rooms of a small-town hospital in one of the most traumatized nations on earth, the Democratic Republic of Congo."

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We can build on hope

With these girls, we have seen hope, we can build on hope… with those of them that have come back, there is work to be done. How much work? I can’t tell you. It’s so much work to reconstruct the psyche of someone who has been through what these girls have been.

These are the words of Saudatu Mahdi, Secretary-General of  Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA) and a co-founder of the Bring Back Our Girls campaign, at a Donor Direct Action event in New York earlier this month. The event brought together Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, Robin Morgan and was moderated by ABC’s Amy Robach. Saudatu talked about the need for us to stay hopeful for the release of not only the Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram – 197 of whom still remain in captivity – but for an end to violence against all women and girls in Nigeria.

Each year, WRAPA helps thousands of Nigerian women and girls across the country stand up for their rights.  I hope you will make a year-end donation to support their work at this critical time and help give hope to Nigerian girls and women for a safer 2017 with greater freedom.

Very best wishes for the New Year.

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Jessica Neuwirth


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Article: Jane Fonda supports DDA partner, WRAPA, at New York event

Jane Fonda spoke to The Guardian on December 8th at an event for Donor Direct Action, a New York-based non-profit she is involved with that supports women’s causes around the world and is campaigning with the Nigerian women’s organization WRAPA to rescue almost 200 girls still being held by the extremist rebel group Boko Haram after a mass abduction in 2014.

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Clip: Saudatu Mahdi on CNN

Saudatu Mahdi, Secretary General of WRAPA was interviewed by CNN's The Newsroom on progress to ensure the return and rehabilitation of all of the girls kidnapped in Chibok, Northern Nigeria in 2014.

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Article: FGM is now considered child abuse, but where is the funding? By Jessica Neuwirth

With over 200 million women and girls affected around the world, ending female genital mutilation (FGM) takes enormous dedication, perseverance – and funding. In 2013, the UK Department for International Development’s pledge of £35m on the African continent was the largest amount to date by any individual donor to end FGM. However, it is unclear how much of this is reaching those activists who are leading social change efforts on the frontline.

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BBC World Service interviews Agnes Pareyio

BBC World Service travelled to Narok, Kenya to interview Agnes Pareyio, founder of Donor Direct Action partner, Tasaru Ntomonok Initiative (TNI). Agnes is doing incredible work protecting girls at risk of female genital mutilation and child marriage.

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