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DDA partners with WCLAC to support women and girls in Palestine.

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One Waiting Room, Many Lives

Asma, 17, was betrothed to a 19-year-old, but her pregnancy was culturally considered out of wedlock, and even after they married, she couldn’t claim her baby. Her father was furious and threatened an ‘honor killing.’ She came to WCLAC for the intervention that saved her life, her marriage, and her child.

Aisha, age 50, a mother and grandmother, was divorced by her rich husband because he wanted a younger wife. The governor and police ruled she must leave her home because it was registered in her husband’s name; compensation legally allotted her was not enough to survive. She came to WCLAC, which shamed the husband and won her justice.

Fatmah, a rape survivor, was in peril as her family felt “dishonored.” She fled for her life to WCLAC, which worked with the family until they became a source of support, not a threat.

Sitting in the waiting room, a 12-year-old watches the women here—social workers, attorneys–busy women who know things, then whispers, “Mamma, will our divorce cost a lot?” The mother, fleeing a batterer, smiles, “Everything costs, little one. But these women will help us whether we can pay or not.” “Mamma!” the girl declares, eyes shining, “When I’m grown, I want to be a lawyer!”

“Help us whether we can pay or not.”

And this is where Donor Direct Action comes in.

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