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Stop punishing Afghan women for ‘moral crimes’

"There are many discussions going on over the use of virginity tests and punishing women for moral crimes. Although it is known that both are human rights violations, they are being practiced in Afghanistan," says Najia Karimi, Executive Director of the DDA partner organization Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and Children of Afghanistan.

“One reason is the corrupt judicial system of Afghanistan,” she said. “Powerful people who commit a crime like rape, kidnap, murder, domestic violence and many other types of crimes, are not prosecuted because they pay money and get off. Women are always the victims and there is no justice for them.”

Commenting on a recent Reuters article concerning draft legislation in Afghanistan that refers to ‘moral crimes’ of women and girls, Najia explained that “women who run away from their homes and stay at a family member’s house or relative’s house are not imprisoned for moral crimes. But those women who run away and spend a few days in a stranger’s house – that is considered a crime and the women are imprisoned for it.”

“To prove that a woman had sex outside of marriage or that she is a virgin, they do virginity tests,” she said. “The government of Afghanistan should take serious action to stop imprisoning women who run away from home. This is not a crime.”

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