Organización de Mujeres Salvadoreñas (ORMUSA)

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DDA partners with ORMUSA to support women and children in El Salvador.

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Femicide – the deliberate murder of women just because they are women – is common in El Salvador. On average, a woman was murdered every 15 hours during 2015.

The crime of femicide in El Salvador is explored in the 14 June episode of the recent series “WOMAN with Gloria Steinem” from Viceland. It features DDA’s new partner in El Salvador: ORMUSA.

Because of the constant advocacy of ORMUSA and other feminists in El Salvador, a special criminal category – femicide – has been created with its own statistics. The law, which came into effect in 2012, also established special provisions to protect women from gender-based violence.  Today more than 11 countries have incorporated this special category of femicide into their penal codes.

Particularly in Latin America, the word ‘femicide’ is used now in the media and among politicians. It has given visibility to an issue which was hidden before and is part of a cultural change in countries that are traditionally machismo and rampant with gender-based violence.

DDA is proud to support our new partner ORMUSA in their work to stop violence against women in El Salvador and end impunity.


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