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Meryl Streep speaks in support of sex trade survivors

“It's never been as urgent as it is today to dismantle the lies perpetrated by the sex trade profiteers: that decriminalization of sex buying and pimping somehow benefits women and girls,” said Meryl Streep, the actress.

Meryl Streep“The only ones who should be decriminalized and supported are those girls and women caught up in prostitution. The people who exploit them, for sexual access or financial gain, are the ones who should be deterred and punished” she said.

Meryl Streep was speaking in advance of the Sex Trade Survivors Symposium, to be held in the British Parliament on Wednesday 13 July 2016. She pointed out that “those attending will get to hear, for the first time, what formerly prostituted women from eight nations have to say about what they lived and witnessed in the global sex trade and what must be done to end it.”

The Symposium is being organized by SPACE International (a partner of Donor Direct Action) and women@thewell. SPACE International was formed to give voice to women who have survived the abusive reality of prostitution. Its mission is to raise the public’s consciousness of the harm of prostitution and to lobby governments to decriminalize prostituted persons.

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