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Pop culture and the commercial sexual exploitation of women

One of our priorities at Donor Direct Action is to provide a platform for our partners to share news about their work and the issues they are deeply engaged in. We recently had the privilege of hosting an event featuring activist Rachel Moran, founder and Executive Director of SPACE International, in conversation with Steering Committee co-convener Gloria Steinem and Sweden’s Foreign Minister Margot Wallström. SPACE International is an organization of sex trade survivors who work to raise awareness about the harmful effects of prostitution.

I moderated a lively discussion with these three amazing women, who debunked the “Pretty Woman” myth about prostitution as empowerment. Rachel drew on her experience as an advocate and sex trade survivor to explain the reality of the abuse that most women in this trade face every day. Minister Wallström, known for her feminist foreign policy, shed light on the Swedish model pioneered in 1999, which penalizes purchasers of sex but not those bought, who are are vulnerable and marginalized. To date, this model has proven successful, reducing street prostitution by 50%, and it has been adopted by a number of other countries including, very recently, France.

I urge you to watch and share this short video of the discussion on prostitution as a means of exploitation and abuse, fueling the demand for sex trafficking.

Visit our website to learn more about the courageous work of Rachel and SPACE International.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.


Jessica Neuwirth

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