Help us protect girls from female genital mutilation

Ifrah was only seven when she underwent female genital mutilation (FGM) close to her home in Puntland, Somalia. Now 25, she has vowed that none of her four daughters will undergo it.

FGM includes the alteration or removal of a girl’s external genitalia. As a survivor of this extreme form of violence myself, I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to ending it, so I set up a center in Puntland, where we teach over 2,000 disadvantaged girls and help protect them from FGM.

Our vital work is being done on a shoestring and in a difficult environment where violence, instability, famine and drought are ongoing challenges.

Your donation would have a direct impact. A $300 donation would pay one teacher’s monthly salary to educate 2,000 girls about FGM, but every cent you donate will help us transform the lives of girls like Ifrah.

Please help us do even more to empower girls to be anti-FGM advocates in their own communities!

Thank you,

Hawa Aden Mohamed
Executive Director, The Galkayo Center

In The Media

FGM doesn’t just happen “over there”. It is a global issue. To learn more, read Jessica Neuwirth’s opinion piece on CNN.

FGM is now considered child abuse, but where is the funding? by Jessica Neuwirth in The Guardian.


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