Help stop honor killings of Palestinian women

Suha Al Deek was just 35 when she was stabbed to death in June 2014 in front of her children at her home on the West Bank. Her killer was her husband Abdul, who mistakenly thought that Suha was having an affair with his cousin. Although he was arrested, he was sentenced to only two years in prison for her brutal murder. 

In 2016, after he was freed, my organization the Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling (WCLAC), launched a campaign calling for justice for Suha. Some weeks ago, a court in Ramallah increased Abdul’s prison sentence to 10 years! A landmark achievement, albeit still more lenient than it should have been.

WCLAC protest at appeals court

We want to ensure justice for not only Suha, but every single Palestinian woman and girl. To achieve this, we’re
launching an urgent appeal to ask you to help us take new cases of femicide and violence against women, including so-called “honor” killings. We also want to use this momentum to push for urgent changes in Palestine’s outdated Penal Code, which allows some killers of women in Palestine to get shorter sentences.

An essential part of the Palestinian struggle for freedom from occupation and statehood is to ensure the development of a fair justice system that leaves no segment of Palestinian society unprotected. 

Your contribution to our campaign would make an enormous difference to the lives of Palestinian women and girls and will help to accelerate an end to this horrific violence once and for all.

Thank you,

Randa Siniora 
Executive Director, WCLAC

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