Your help to girls like 10 year old Sahar is invaluable!

I want you to know how much your generosity means. Sahar was only 10 when she was forced to marry an older man in Afghanistan. He stopped her from going to school, starved and beat her. Her father had “traded” her in what is known in Afghan culture as “Badal” so he could have a second wife. Sahar fled to an emergency women’s shelter run by the Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and Girls of Afghanistan (HAWCA) and is in recovery. This HAWCA shelter faced a funding crisis this year and only managed to stay open due to contributions from many like you.

Afghan girls at school

Donor Direct Action is proud to partner with HAWCA and we are committed to doing everything we can, with your help, to be sure that girls and women in Afghanistan have somewhere safe to go when they manage to escape child marriage and other severe forms of violence. We re-grant at least 90% of funds raised to its front line partners –  your donations have a very direct and meaningful impact in places like Afghanistan, Congo, Somalia, Nigeria, and other countries around the world where courageous women leaders are working tirelessly to ensure that girls and women, and generations to come have a better future.

I want to wish you happy holidays and to ask you to consider making a year-end contribution to Donor Direct Action to help HAWCA and other front line partners continue and build on their life-saving work.

Yours sincerely,

Jessica Neuwirth

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