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DDA partners with the Galkayo Center to support women and girls in Somalia.

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Still no justice for girls who died after FGM

This summer I wrote to you about four girls who died in central Somalia after undergoing female genital mutilation (FGM). We worked with Hawa Aden Mohamed at The Galkayo Center for Peace, Education and Development (GECPD) to bring their stories to international media.

Despite Hawa’s ongoing and longtime efforts, FGM has still not been banned at the regional or federal level. Because of the publicity generated by the death of the four girls,  Somalia’s attorney general made a commitment to pursue a prosecution.  We are watching closely to see whether anyone will be held accountable for these deaths. Meanwhile, millions of girls continue to be at risk in a country which has the highest prevalence of FGM in the world at 98%.

Girls at the Galkayo Center

Hawa Aden Mohamed and girls at the Galkayo Center, Somalia

In honor of today’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, please give what you can to support the efforts of the Galkayo Center to push for a ban on FGM and ensure that no more Somali girls die from this extreme and violent form of subjugation.

Your contribution could make a huge difference and is urgently needed.

Warm regards,

Jessica Neuwirth

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