10-year-old girl dies in Sierra Leone after FGM

Ten year old Marie Kamara died yesterday after undergoing female genital mutilation (FGM) as part of a secret society initiation ceremony in the Tonkololi District of central Sierra Leone. 

Girls at the Galkayo Center

Marie Kamara’s remains being taken for postmortem yesterday

The chief Sowei (society leader) was arrested, but there is still no national ban on this extreme subjugation of girls in a country where almost 90% have been affected. Unlike in other countries, there is a lack of governmental condemnation in Sierra Leone.

Local activist Rugiatu Turay from Amazonian Initiative Movement is leading efforts to ensure that Marie can get justice, but also that FGM is banned, so no more girls have to endure this harmful – in this case fatal – violation of their human rights.

In memory of Marie Kamala please support Amazonian Initiative Movement and other front line groups in their critical work to end FGM.

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Jessica Neuwirth

You can read more about this case on Reuters

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